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A Spooky Trip to Knotts Scary Farm

On October 19th I went, for the first time, to Knotts Scary Farm. To preface this story, I am a scaredy cat and I am very easily spooked.To say I was not looking forward to this excursion would be an understatement.

The first nightmare was getting into the park. Parking was horrible, and getting through security took forty-five minutes. Once inside the park, the first thing I noticed was the decorations; they were fabulous and they were everywhere, but on the other hand what I didn’t see a lot of were monsters.

In my mind, I thought that there would be creepy crawlies everywhere, but that wasn’t the case, and I was definitely not complaining. Walking towards the first maze, I surprisingly didn’t get scared. Monsters came up to me but I just smiled at them; this was my coping mechanism.

The line for the shortest maze, Origins: Caico, was an hour and fifteen minutes. Going into the maze, I was holding onto my friend Freya, for dear life, and I was contemplating leaving. The first monster that tried to scare me didn’t even faze me, as I think I was too numb at that point and, but going through the maze I didn’t get scared once, that is, until I was literally five steps from the exit.

I was walking out all confident and proud of myself for not being scared and keeping my cool, and then the guy attacked. Well, technically, I never saw the monster. All he did was a “Predator” growl in my ear and I let out a full-body scream, running those five steps to the exit. To be honest, that was the most eventful part of the night.

The rest of my time at Knotts was spent waiting in lines. Even the food line took forty-five minutes. Overall, my experience was… meh. I was expecting scary and I got spooky. I would recommend going, but maybe on an earlier date with less crowds.

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