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Issue 1, 2023
Issue 2, 2023


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Issue 8, 2023
Issue 6, 2023
Issue 4, 2022
Issue 2, 2022
Senior Issue 2023
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Issue 7, 2023
Issue 5, 2022
Issue 3, 2022
Issue 1, 2022

We’ve removed the sports page from the first 2022-2023 issue of the Tartan Shield’s digital newspaper. After concerns were brought to us by ASB, GHS administration, and other members of the community, we felt it was necessary to take down our stories on women’s sports that weren’t fact-checked for their credibility. We should have confirmed the shared information for its accuracy before publishing the issue. We take full responsibility for it, and we are deeply sorry for the offense caused to those affected by the published stories and are committed to a more extensive review of our stories before they are shared with our community. Please email us at if you have any further concerns or questions. 


Issue 6, 2022
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Issue 4, 2022
Issue 5, 2022
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Issue 3, 2022
Tartan Shield Issue 3 Cover.jpg
Issue 2, 2021
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Issue 1, 2021
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Issue 6, 2021
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Issue 5, 2021
Tartan Shield Issue 5 Cover.jpg
Issue 5 is dedicated to all of those who have been impacted and those who made an impact during the difficult world of distance learning and quarantine. Dedication messages can be found on the first page of this issue. Click here for additional dedication messages.
Issue 4, 2021
Tartan Shield Issue 4 cover.jpg
Issue 2, 2020
Tartan Shield Issue 2 cover icon.jpg
Issue 3, 2021
Tartan Shield Issue 3 cover icon.jpg
Issue 1, 2020
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