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See the Holidays Off with These Sweet Treats

As the holidays come to a close, what better way to unwind from the holiday spirit than creating delicious treats that can be shared with friends and family?

There is an abundance of DIY holiday treat recipes on the internet, but I was able find three creative and fun treats to make. Brownie christmas trees, marshmallow reindeers, and rice crispy Christmas trees are the treats I choose to make.

The first treat I decide to make was the brownie Christmas tree. Following the recipe I began to mix the two eggs, ⅔ oz of vegetable oil, ¼ oz of water and brownie mix all together while the oven preheated to 350 degrees. After waiting 30 minutes for the brownies to bake and cool down, I began to decorate. I used a Christmas tree cookie cutter for the shape then I applied the green frosting, finishing it off with the M&M ornaments.

For the next treat, the rice crispy christmas tree, I underestimated its level of difficulty. Everything was going well until I melted the marshmallows with butter on the stove and mixed in the rice crispy. Then I had to model the Christmas tree. My hands immediately got stuck to the rice crispy because I forgot to put butter on my hands.

Although this happened, I was able to eventually manage to get unstuck and continue with decorating the sadly shaped tree. Finally, I added green frosting around the tree, red sprinkles, and a piece of chocolate that served as the tree’s trunk.

The final treat I made was probably the simplest one out of the three. All I used to create the marshmallow reindeer was melted chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels, frosting, candy canes, and M&Ms.

I first put the marshmallow on to the candy cane stick and dipped it into the chocolate. After freezing it, I added the pretzels as antlers, the m&m as a nose, and frosting for the eyes.

These simple DIY treats are delicious year-round, and can be made no matter what the season.

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