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Your Guide to Nu Metal

Nu metal is an eclectic subgenre of metal that does not have a distinct sound. Despite its generally welcoming fanbase, it can be daunting to get into because of how broad it is. Here are a few song recommendations to help ease a new listener into the nu metal scene.

A perfect place to start is with the band Deftones which was formed right here in California. My favorite songs from them include “Mein” and “Battleaxe.” Both offer insane instrumentals that leave me playing them on repeat every couple months.

A much smaller, but equally impressive band is Loathe. They stand out because of their generally slower but heavier songs. They incorporate a lot more of the harsh vocals that metal is known for in their music. “A Sad Cartoon,” “Screaming” and “Aggressive Evolution” are some of their most popular and hard-hitting songs. They are perfect for pretty much any mood, especially when you just want to lay in the dark and stare at your ceiling.

Finally, a classic, is Slipknot. With a wide discography and even bigger fanbase, the band has too many good songs to really pinpoint what the best would be. Some of my favorites include “AOV,” “Duality,” and “Eyeless” all of which, in typical Slipknot fashion, are extremely hype and get a slight headbang even out of me.

If you ever want to drown out the noise of your siblings or maybe some annoying classmates, these bands and songs are the perfect choice.

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