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Safely Celebrating the Holidays

The holidays are all about celebrating with friends and family, but this year everyone is finding it difficult to celebrate the Christmas spirit without the usual social interactions. However, there are some creative ways

around the social distancing and limited socializing in order to keep the Christmas season fun and special.

One holiday activity to celebrate Christmas with is going to a drive-by light show. These light shows

have become very popular over the last year or two, many families going all out with bright lights and festive music to go along with it. The best part is, the light shows are observed in your cars, so it is completely safe and socially distanced for everyone.

Another safe and fun Christmas activity for the holidays is decorating Christmas themed masks with your

family. With masks still being used to social distance in public, why not add a little Christmas spirit to them?

This craft activity can be enjoyed with your family without the risk of exposure from people outside your home. Decorating Christmas cookies is something many people look forward to during the holidays, friends and family

gathering together to spend quality time making delicious treats. This can still be a fun activity for you and friends even with limited social interactions. Decorating Christmas cookies over Zoom or Google Meets with friends will allow everyone to hang out and have fun making treats while keeping a safe distance from possible exposure.

Christmas in 2020 might seem harder to enjoy the holiday spirit with friends and family, but there are still so many different ways to safely enjoy this year’s holidays.


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