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Ranking Class Novels

Dear Underclassman,

By now you are all most likely in your first or second year of English at Glendora High School. Here is a ranked list of some of the books you’ve read or will likely read in the next few school years.

The Book Thief

Markus Zusak's ground-breaking book, The Book Thief, is set in Germany during World War II and tells the tale of Liesel, a young child who is sent to a new family because her mother cannot afford to care for her. Death, who tells the tale, develops into a figure you admire and even feel sorry for. One of the most heartbreaking books a high school student may read is this one. The smallest details are described in such an interesting and lovely way that the reader will feel they are actually experiencing the book's events. As if they are on Himmel Street with Liesel. The novel is a wonderful piece of literature that is filled with so much empathy, rage, or melancholy.

The Catcher In The Rye

The story follows a short period of 16-year-old Holden Caulfield’s life after he is dismissed from prep school while becoming emotionally unstable and worn out. Holden, who is confused and frustrated, looks for the truth while ranting against the inauthenticity of adults. The fundamental focus of The Catcher in the Rye is loss of innocence. This is a compelling book that immerses the reader in Holden Caulfield's teenage life. The extent of Holden's estrangement, as well as the coping mechanisms he uses to deal with it, are all explored. Since loneliness, melancholy, and insecurity are not exclusive to a certain age group, it is relevant to everyone. However, highschoolers may find it particularly relatable.

East of Eden

East of Eden is set in the Salinas Valley of California and chronicles the bonded fates of two families who symbolically recreate the biblical story of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel; The Hamiltons and Trasks. Here, Steinbeck explored some of his most iconic characters as well as identity, mystery, love, and the tragic consequences of the lack of authenticity. However, it's a novel that can sometimes be difficult to understand. This book explores the nature of humanity and what is actually within us. This is the well-known tale of the conflict between good and evil, but it has a unique twist. According to Steinbeck, the coexistence of good and evil is essential for the development of grandeur or character. One must use free will even when the good prevails naturally if they want to show character or become famous.

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird depicts how good and evil may coexist in addition to portraying the coming-of-age of a young girl and offering a darker drama about the causes and repercussions of racism and prejudice. The most important theme in To Kill a Mockingbird is the examination of the moral nature of people, or whether they are inherently good or bad. The book To Kill A Mocking Bird examines issues of racial injustice and discrimination as well as love and Scout and Jem's coming-of-age. It was released at a crucial juncture in the American civil rights struggle and struck a chord with readers from many backgrounds.

Animal Farm

In Animal Farm, animals take control of Manor Farm after they kick out the humans. their romanticized utopia of running a farm quickly crumbles. The animal insurrection is led by two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball, who open the door for corrupt behavior with unthinkable consequences. The two main themes of Animal Farm are power and greed. The development of communist ideology is examined in this novel in order to depict the history of the Russian Revolution. Animal Farm does a fantastic job of depicting the USSR and the 1917 Russian Revolution. It serves as an example of how politicians influence public opinion. In the novel, the themes of betrayal, selfishness, and unfairness in human society are explored. It might, however, occasionally appear unsettling and perplexing.


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