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Quarantine Provides Opportunity for Adventurous Hair Trends

With everyone being cooped up in their homes, many have used this opportunity to explore new creative avenues with their hairstyles. Here are some unique ways to spice up your appearance that will surely impress everyone on Zoom. 

Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle puts a unique twist on regular cut bangs by being cut at an angle rather than straight across. The angle cut creates a slide to slide flow that mimics the opening of curtains. Many people have grown to enjoy this trend, because it adds an effortless touch to a rather simple hairstyle.

Half and Half

This cross-split hair-dye look is definitely bold, yet perfect for those who are indecisive between two colors. This trend began with only blonde and brown but has progressed to being done with vibrant colors. The hairstyle can be done with any colors as long as it’s dyed from top to bottom.

Split Bang Hair Dye

This look takes away the pressure of commiting to a certain color, because it only makes up a fraction of the hair. Any color can be applied as long as it is solely on the bangs. This particular hairstyle first surfaced on TikTok and has since taken the name “the E-girl hairstyle”.


The perm became a popular hairstyle among guys on TikTok. Many famous male creators, if not all, have grown to love this hairstyle. The famous look is achieved by getting a perm on the top section of your hair and buzzing the bottom half. 


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