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Pandemic Makes College Applications An Even More Stressful Process

To top off the stressfulness of 2020, it is now time for seniors to make progress on their college applications and deal with the changes COVID-19 has caused.

The pandemic has interfered with many aspects of peoples high school careers from extracurriculars and social lives all the way to cause students to miss their scheduled SAT tests. However, The few ways in which it has affected the college application process, are not all negative.

Due to the chaotic and abrupt ending of the school year many students may have missed out on taking the SAT or ACT. For students who did not have the opportunity to take these tests, thankfully most universities will be very forgiving when it comes to this section of the application process this year.

According to, “To make sure that students who could not take those tests weren’t at a disadvantage, many colleges, including some of the largest and most prestigious universities in the country, have announced that they will be test-optional for the 2020-2021 application cycle.”

In terms of changes with personal statements, with half of the class of 2021’s junior and so far all of senior year being affected by COVID, it is reasonable to be confused on what to write about. However, for many people, their experiences during this pandemic could end up being the perfect subject. Students can focus on what specific, individual issues and challenges presented themselves during this time and how students were affected and how they overcame or are overcoming these challenges. This can lead to an original, creative and passionate essay, because every person's situation during this pandemic is unique. This is something that all grades could keep in mind for when they start their application process, but it is important to still pay attention to each school's specifications and guidelines when it comes to essays.

An important aspect of the application process that has not changed, is filling out the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is now available to be filled out at It is important to fill out this information as soon as possible in order to make sure each student applies for the amount of financial help they need before money runs out.

When looking for beneficial information about the college application process, try the Collegewise website. Also the Glendora High webpage under the Tartan University tab, under new resources; there are multiple tabs marked containing useful information about changes to the college process. It is also important for seniors to pay attention to all reminds and emails from counselors for helpful links, messages, and scheduling for one on one meetings.


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