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Movie Rewatch Review: Spiderman Far From Home

The Marvel Universe movies never fail to create remarkable films that leave the audience in complete and utter amazement. Spiderman Far From Home is no exception to this high praise, being that it's filled with countless action scenes, relatable characters and numerous eye catching locations from all around Europe.

1. Most Rewatchable Scene:

Almost every scene gives viewers that urge to pick up the remote and press rewind, but if I must choose one it would have to be Peter’s drone strike scene. After another classmate snaps an embarrassing picture of Peter, he decides to take control of the situation by using the glasses Tony Stark left him. The high technological glasses, otherwise known as EDITH, were built for battle not solving teen drama.

Needless to say Peter ends up accidentally placing a target of fully loaded drones on his fellow classmate, while they’re in a bus, and he has to completely destroy them before it’s too late.

Although this scene only displayed a fraction of the film it sums up everything that makes Spiderman: from accomplishing dangerous high stake manoeuvres to awkward teen behavior. He may be this incredible gift superhero, but once the suit is off he’s a typical teenager trying to navigate life whilst dealing with the safety of the world on his shoulders.

2. Scene that Aged the Worst:

The death of the antagonist, Mysterio, seemed to leave many fans, myself included, sad to see he’d only be shown in one Spiderman movie. Jake Gyllenhaal, a.k.a Mysterio, being the amazingly talented actor he is, really brought this character to life and left a long lasting impression on fans. It would have been thrilling to see how this dynamic could have developed in future movies. By limiting Mysterio to one storyline, the character seemed more like a fill-in for the movie series’ future agenda.

3. Scene that Aged the Best:

At the beginning of the film, Tony Stark's death is obviously acknowledged and Peter is faced with the world wondering if he will be the next Iron Man. One scene in particular that serves a turning point for Peter is the private moment he shares with Happy. On the plane he completely breaks down emotionally after making a monumental mistake. He expresses his longing for Iron Man and the pressure the world is placing on home to become the next Iron Man.

During this scene, Happy helps Peter realize that Tony Stark was one of a kind, and he’ll never be him, but the world does need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man every now and then. This scene aged the best, because as the movie progressed, we saw Spider-Man unlock his true potential and eventually save the day.

4. Cast What Ifs:

I could never image these iconic characters being played by anyone other than the talented actors that currently bring them to life. Tom Holland does a phenomenal job at conveying the reality of a teenager given superpowers. I think the reason many people resonate with Spiderman is his willingness to show vulnerability and the unglamorous aspects of a superhero.

5. Best Quote:

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Stark said you wouldn’t get that because it’s not a Star Wars reference” (Nick Fury). Fury points out the great responsibility installed in Peter and uses comic relief to ease the reality into him. I found it to be quite a funny moment between the two because even when giving Peter a compliment he still manages to poke fun at him. Again it returns to the recurring theme that Peter Parker is an awkward nerdy teen with major responsibility of taking care of the world.


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