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Lottery of Love Contest: Sharpay x Troy

I see the happy couple walk across the stage, hand in hand as if they didn’t want to attack each other’s jugular a few months ago. If it weren’t for me, they never would’ve given each other the time of day. But when I saw the chemistry they had, I couldn’t help but interfere.

It all started six months ago when Troy and Sharpay were cast as the two leads for the winter musical. I watched the two argue over who would sing the solo, which was obviously the most important part of the show (at least according to Sharpay). I couldn’t help but feel like there could be something more to their fiery tension.

“No, I am going to sing it! I obviously have a better voice than this buffoon of a partner I have,” exclaimed Sharpay, swatting his idea away.

“The song is meant for the male role to express his feelings. Are you a man?” Troy smartly asked.


“Exactly. If you don’t want to be seen as masculine, I suggest you leave the solo to me,” Troy explained, trying to keep his cool despite the clear urge to wring her neck.

They were perfect for each other. Just a little bit of meddling and they’d be together in no time. I flew around the set, searching for a way to intervene when it hit me. I could make something fall so they’d be forced to interact with each other for more than two painful seconds.

Sharpay led the way as they approached their stage cues for the duet. I pushed over the stage light, letting it fall in the direction of Sharpay. As I envisioned, Troy grabs Sharpay and moves her out of the way, leaving Sharpay to face Troy breathless. My work was as good as done.

Weeks later, I watch from the overhead light fixtures as Troy and Sharpay get ready to rehearse the kissing scene. As they get in a position to run through the most crucial scene of the musical, it was clear something had changed between them, thanks to me. It seemed that the two rivals had talked more and even went on what they called a ‘running lines’ day. Which we all know was a date, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Troy places his hands on Sharpay’s face as directed, while Sharpay looks up into his ocean blue eyes. My heart swells with nervousness or hopefulness, I’m not quite sure which. But I hope this scene goes as I’d been imagining. He goes in for the kill and fits his lips perfectly to hers as if it were a match made in heaven. They stay in that position for longer than necessary, and it‘s apparent that they themselves had been waiting for this moment as well.

Our names are Angela Reisner and Amanda Martinez. We're both in 12th grade. We wrote about Sharpay Evans and Troy Bolton from the movie High School Musical. We chose to write a fanfic for this ship because HSM is a beloved movie from our childhood that we both enjoy. We wrote about Sharpay and Troy specifically because they clash heads a lot and we both really like the enemies-to-lovers trope in the media.


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