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Local Hiking Spots: Sycamore Canyon

Located just east of Glendora, Horsethief Canyon Park is a pretty well known spot, hosting its annual Hawaiian festivals every summer. However, tucked behind it among the hills hides a local hiking gem: Sycamore Canyon Trail.

Sycamore Canyon Trail offers a moderately-difficult hike that runs through the foot of San Dimas’ mountains. Going one way on this trail only takes about 10-15 minutes, making for an especially quick round-trip. If you’re looking for an invigorating hike that is also short and sweet, this is the spot for you.

Getting to the trail itself takes a little bit of navigating, starting from Horsethief Canyon Park’s west parking lot. The best way to get to the trail from there is by following Sycamore Canyon Road, taking a relaxing 10-minute stroll past the Sycamore Canyon Equestrian Center and a ways further down. Just before reaching the small yellow gate, take an immediate left and follow the sloping trail that starts by the small tree, down and across the log, straight past the picnic table to the fencepost-lined trailhead.

The trail begins by wrapping up and around the back of a mountain. This part of the trail remains entirely shaded all day which keeps it cool. Here, the winding path is thin and muddy, lined by long slender grasses. If you listen carefully right after a long heavy rain, you’ll be able to hear a quiet little creek running through the valley along the right side of the trail.

Exiting the shadow of the mountain and emerging from a sparse canopy of pine trees, the second part of the trail begins. The path turns into a wide dirt road where the trail finally starts its ascent. It winds up the mountain at a fairly decent incline until it ends at a lookout which features picnic tables and benches, plenty of shade, and a great view of the local area and beyond.

All in all, this 30-35 minute round-trip hike offers pleasant views as it follows a clean, well-kept trail, a restful lookout, and is just an overall enjoyable, recommended experience.

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