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Krak Boba

As both a boba fan and an employee of Boba Break Teahouse in Glendora, when I discovered yet another boba shop was opening in Glendora, I just had to try it.

The store played good music and had a sleek interior with nice art on the walls. The service itself was fairly quick, but the two workers in the back seemed slightly frantic leaving me to believe that they were understaffed. 

I ordered a large King Brulee which was a caramelized brown sugar milk drink with sea salt cream and boba. The drink already had came with boba which was a relief from the usual upcharge seen in many shops nowadays. The drink itself was very pleasant and the sea salt cream which they poured on top was a wonderful addition. I did find, however, that the sea salt cream sunk after some time, and to any hoping to try the drink itself, I would recommend stirring often. The boba, despite being free, was slightly undercooked leaving the texture chewy rather than the perfect chew we know and love. The size was slightly smaller than what I’m used to for a large, however, the drink was so overpowering and flavorful that it turned out to be the perfect amount.

Overall, I believe that Krak Boba in Glendora is delicious and I would recommend it to any boba lovers out there.

written by Sam Porter


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