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Is He Hot or Just a White Guy?

We've all been there.  Scrolling through Instagram, flipping through magazines, or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, when suddenly, we find ourselves struck by the attractiveness of a male celebrity.  But hold on, is he hot, or is he just another white guy?  It's the social dilemma that plagues us all, leaving us questioning our judgment and the standards of beauty that society has imposed upon us. 

Let's face it, the entertainment industry has a knack for elevating certain individuals to heartthrob status based solely on their whiteness rather than any exceptional good looks they might have.  It's like an unofficial checklist: White?  Check.  Male?  Check.  Congratulations, you're now considered attractive!  But wait, where's the substance?  Where's the jaw-dropping charm?  The smoldering gaze that makes our hearts skip a beat?  

Take a moment to reflect on some of Hollywood's supposed heartthrobs.  Chances are, a fair number of them fit the bill of being "just a white guy."  But does that mean they lack genuine allure?  Or are we simply conditioned to believe that white equals attractive?  It's a dilemma that leads us down a rabbit hole of self-doubt and societal scrutiny.  

The truth is that the line between genuine attractiveness and societal conditioning can sometimes blur beyond recognition.  We find ourselves grappling with conflicting thoughts, torn between acknowledging someone's physical appeal and questioning the system that prioritizes one narrow definition of beauty over all others. 

So, the next time you find yourself questioning whether that celebrity crush is truly hot or just another white guy, remember this: Beauty is subjective, and it knows no bounds.  Whether someone sets your heart aflutter or leaves you feeling indifferent, what truly matters is recognizing the inherent value and beauty within each individual, regardless of race, gender, or societal expectations.  

In the end, this comedic social dilemma serves as a reminder to look beyond surface-level judgments and appreciate the diversity of beauty that surrounds us.  After all, life is too short to be confined by narrow standards!  

Timothee Chalamet 

The ruling: hot!  While Timmy is prone to looking a little sickly, plop him in Little Women and he is instantly gorgeous.  It is hard to deny the appeal of a man rocking disheveled hair and a flowy blouse who is confessing his love for you though, so greater research may be necessary before a decisive conclusion can be drawn. 

Austin Butler

Drum roll, please… Austin Butler is just a white man!!!  His face connotes perpetual constipation, leaving passersby with discomfort that lingers–much like his Elvis accent. 

Tom Holland

The verdict: hot!  Any man who can date Zendaya has to be easy on the eyes!  His cute demeanor and British accent score Holland some major points in the hotness category. 

Ross Lynch

On top of being hot, Ross Lynch is one of the few blonde men I do not find unsettling.  Ever since Austin and Ally, Lynch has been singing his way into the hearts of millions of people. 

Jacob Elordi

The jury is divided on Jacob Elordi.  Elordi has his appealing Australian accent and an intimidatingly hot demeanor, but it's hard to erase the disturbing image of Elordi as Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth

Josh Hutcherson 

Is he hot?  It’s a resounding YES! Hutcherson proves that you don’t have to be six feet tall to tower over our hearts. We love our short king!!

Chris Briney

Chris Briney teeters between true hotness and mediocrity, but give him time!  This is a great photo of Briney, yet many others support the argument that he falls under the “just a white man” category. Give him time and a little styling and we’ll have a true hottie on our hands. 

Tom Blyth

In the case of the People v.s. Tom Blyth, Blyth is just a white man.  Exceptions to this decision are made only when seeing Blyth portraying the buzz-cutted blonde President Snow, but otherwise, Blyth is pretty average. 

Aaron Taylor Johnson

Johnson is the first white man of the month whose status the writers cannot definitively decide upon.  There is potential, but (like Blyth) Johnson’s hotness is maximized on the screen with the help of good costuming but is otherwise pretty average. 

Pete Davidson

Davidson is just a white man.  His personality is great, his humor is totally attractive, and there’s even a little style going on.  However, despite his dating record of gorgeous women, Davidson airs more on the side of cuteness than hotness. 

Jeremy Allen White 

Put in the right circumstances, this TV chef can cook!  However, if you passed him on the street without knowing his on-screen personality, you’d think he was just your average white guy

Andrew Garfield

Garfield called his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone, a shot of espresso, but we think he is a tall glass of water.  This man looks good with and without facial hair and has the charisma that makes it impossible to call his hotness into question. 

Story Written by Mia Reigstad and Andrea Bermudo


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