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Halloween Short Story

From delicious food to goofy party games, all seemed to be going according to Wolfman’s plan. His halloween party would go down in the history books, or in the case of some of his immortal guests, a memory that would live on for eternity. That is, except for one minor issue, an oversight which he hadn’t yet realized.


Wolfman’s head snapped towards the soft voice, he jogged over. Carrie White was standing awkwardly in front of the dunk tank, upon which Freddy Krueger was cackling maniacally. 

“There’s no baseballs, are there?” Wolfman sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose as Carrie shook her head. “It’s fine, I think I left some lying around,” he reassured her, before clomping away.

On his way to the baseballs, Wolfman decided to check on his various party-goers.

Wolfman figured he wouldn’t interrupt the Vlads, with Dracula portioning steaks and Vlad the Impaler staking said steaks to place upon a bonfire.

Wolfman instead pressed onward, now watching as Michael Myers cleanly plunged a chef’s knife into a pumpkin, craftily shaping a ghastly grin onto the gourd. Beside him, Chucky followed suit with his own pumpkin.

“Carving pumpkins is,” He paused, snickering before spewing the rest of the sentence from his mouth, “child’s play!” He had begun howling with laughter by this point, and Wolfman took his opportunity to move on.

“Oh, hello there, Wolfman,” Jack Skellington enthusiastically greeted his host, “I must say, it is nice to have a break from Halloween town once in a while.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

The two briefly watched as Jason threw his axe right into the wooden target, causing a hefty split to appear.

“I suppose it’s my turn now.”

Wolfman gave Jack a nod as the latter picked up an axe of his own, with the former now continuing on. There was only one last group to check.

Wolfman found Ash Williams and Leatherface comparing their chainsaws. The comparison consisted of a simple cutting competition, although, unlucky for Wolfman, the test was being performed on the very much needed baseballs.

“It was entirely his idea,” Ash explained, nodding his head towards Leatherface as he removed his chainsaw from his arm and fixed on his metal prosthetic. Wolfman turned towards Leatherface, who sheepishly shrugged as he set down his chainsaw.

“Well, we need something for the dunk tank,” Wolfman sighed, now out of options.

“Here, use my boomstick,” Ash answered, as he tossed him his twelve-gauge.

“That’ll destroy the target.”

Wolfman threw the shotgun back to him in defeat, trudging back to the dunk tank.

“There’s no baseballs, Carrie.”

Freddy Krueger’s cackle crescendoed as he triumphantly boomed, “Sorry kid, but you weren’t never gonna dunk me anyways!”

Carrie’s smile vanished as she tilted her head towards the arrogant fool. He knew that look, and yet he was powerless to stop it. She watched as the mechanism, forcefully activated by her, plummeted Freddy into the freezing water, who immediately clawed at the sides, scrambling to get out.

She looked back at the Wolfman, a grin slicing across her face.

“I suppose he had never dreamt of that happening.”

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