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Colleges Replace Yearly Campus Visits with Virtual Tours

Senior year symbolizes the ending of a chapter, and college holds the beginning of lifetime experiences and endless opportunities to further our knowledge. To keep the college searching experience alive during the pandemic, many universities created a way to connect with students whilst in the safe comfort of their own home with virtual college tours.

The start of the pandemic left many grey areas for seniors hoping to go off to become the incoming fall class of 2021. As a senior, it caused mixed emotions about how the application process was to proceed, and I searched for any updated information. Many seniors were disappointed to have to cancel their trips to visit colleges all across the country. Colleges understood the need for incoming freshmen to really get a feel for their campus, so they created virtual college tours.

Each college tour varied from the next, but many colleges produced the same format that brings each student the closest thing to an actual in person guide. The University of California and California State Universities both offer multiple tours that are unique in themselves in order to reach every student's concerns. The general campus tour is the most convenient being that it’s presented by an animated tour guide and includes a section of categories to choose from if one particular aspect of the campus needs more explaining.

The University of California differs from other virtual college tours through their offerings of subject related tours, live question and answer tours, and student panels that are all available for free reservation. Private universities have the same standard virtual tour that is accompanied by an animated tour guide.

Universities have risen to the challenge by producing countless resources for incoming students to explore and learn about their beautiful campuses. Even though students may lose that in-person experience, these virtual tours ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. Virtual tours are the next best option for students to truly understand everything each school has to offer.


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