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Challenge Accepted: Boba Fiend

While not many students would jump at the opportunity to spend their coveted free time drinking two liters of milk tea in one sitting, with free boba on the line, Samantha Porter was more than willing.

To celebrate the launch of its new Azusa location, Boba Fiend Tea House launched the Boba Fiend Challenge, in which participants had to make it through two liters of milk tea and seven servings of boba in under fifteen minutes. The challenge itself cost ten dollars to partake in, but anyone who won would get their boba for free.

When Porter went in for the challenge, she was greeted by a mellow atmosphere and friendly employees.

“I was the first person to attempt it at the Azusa location, so they were very excited to see how I did,” said Porter, appreciating their enthusiasm.

Soon enough, all the food was brought out, and the reality of the challenge became clear. The sugary tea coupled with the sticky, sweet boba was harsh on the stomach in such large amounts, and not being able to drink water during the challenge only added to its difficulty.

“For me [the challenge] sounded really easy beforehand, but as I did it, it became absolutely nauseating,” reflected Porter.

In all, Porter made it through over a liter of the milk tea and almost half of the boba by the time she tapped out about eight minutes in. Since she didn’t finish the challenge, Porter lost her ten dollars, but was reassured by the still-friendly employees.

The Boba Fiend Challenge is certainly a large undertaking, and Porter recommends that any Tartans who are considering doing it prepare themselves well and do not underestimate the amount there is to eat.

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