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Imagine: Sweet NC-Tea

Imagine: It was opening night at the cafe. The starry night matched perfectly with the warm atmosphere inside. Sipping a sweet warm cup of tea, you were full of anticipation for the next act.

The lights switched off and a spotlight illuminated him. There he was- guitar in hand and mic stand set- the first notes hit. Many were focused on the melody, but he intrigued you more.

Soft black hair and warm dark brown eyes that turned honey-brown in the spotlight. He was a well known artist, his grace, sweet persona, and extraordinary talents were enough to make any girl swoon, but paired with his soft appeal and twinkling eyes, he was truly ethereal.

He sang beautifully, lyrics coming out like honey:

You're a goddess but I'm a fool What should I do?

Your eyes met as if time stopped and it was only you two. Your breath hitched. He gave you a light smile. His act finished. He strolled across to your table and took a seat in front of you. His beauty was basically radiating off him. The way his eyes glittered and that pretty smile of his beamed. But, the realization hit you. Read the first word. Imagine.

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