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Imagine: Vigor & Vitality

Imagine dancing with her betwixt the rivers of light and shadows. The world dims to the soft glow of starlight, and in the west, a crescent moon sings a song of shooting stars.

My eyes are taken away. Time, the great slaughterer of tyrants and goddesses alike, turns into a powerless statue of stone. Fear, the horror-filled nightmare who has swallowed many faithful prayers, breaks its feeble siege against my grins.

Two coal-black orbs face two caramel-brown ones. They conjoin, and the knots of intimacy tie us together. Nothing else in the world but us, two flimsy sprites, fluttering amidst the nameless stars and leaving behind a trail of scarlet stardust.

Wind-- or maybe blood-- howls in my ears with an increasingly harmonious hymn. Her hands penetrate my flesh, sending vigor and vitality into me. Her silver aura descends upon my mortal body and peels me back layer by layer. Opening my core, all of the monsters I have eaten spill out in heaps and dumps until only my crimson heart remains, rhythmically beating to our dancing footsteps.

My eyes are taken away. Opening slowly, darkness closes. Under the light, there remains only an unforgivably hard dance floor. I stand alone on the edge of civilization, gazing into the galaxies within the dancing couples below and embracing the worlds beyond the unblinking stars above.

My eyes are taken away; this time, not by dreams of love, but by cascading water, relentlessly chasing the solidity of earth.

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