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Imagine: Falling for Him, Literally

You’ve decided to take a trip to the local bookstore. You take some time to browse the shelves and eventually find a book. Unfortunately, it’s on the very top shelf and you can’t reach.

Not seeing anyone around to help, you do the only logical thing you can do- you climb the tall shelf. Skillfully you place your foot on the second shelf and check its strength. You keep climbing and bite your lip, reaching for the book, not wanting to risk climbing anymore.

Your fingers brush over the spine and you reach just a little further. You’ve got it, but in your moment of triumph you lose your footing. You close your eyes and shriek, ready to feel the itchy carpet underneath you, but it never comes.

“Is it too cheesy if I ask if you fell for me?”

Tentatively you open one eye and then the other. You look and see two strong arms wrapped around you. Looking up, you see your handsome savior- your crush.

“You okay?” Carefully he sets you down. He bends down and picks up your book. Handing it to you, he smiles and says, “You know, this one’s my favorite. Great choice.”

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