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Grand Central Market Offers Southern Californians A Slice of Culture

Grand Central Market combines exotic foods and animated people in a way that makes you appreciate the diversity of Los Angeles. In our lunchtime visit to the popular market, my friend and I visited four of the food stalls.

At first, very overwhelmed by the crowds and countless food options, we had no idea where to stop. When we saw signs for pasta, sandwiches, and pizza we were drawn to a place called “The Knead” simply because of the amount of carbs it offered. I got a chicken sandwich with bread that tasted straight out of Italy. It was quickly devoured, and I was ready for more food.

After we filled up on Italian food, we were intrigued by a neon “La Fruteria” sign. We shared an acai bowl-esque bowl of fresh fruit topped with yogurt, granola, and golden raisins. Not only did I enjoy its unconventional taste, but I also felt healthy while I ate it.

We then stopped for French baguettes at a homemade bread stall. The bread—with the ideal blend of a soft inside and crunchy crust—was a perfect mid-meal snack.

Of course, we finished our trip with a must stop: McConnell’s ice cream. The long line was worth it when I got my waffle cone filled with Eureka Lemon and Marionberries ice cream. McConnell’s ice cream flavors are the perfect mix of bold and exotic, without being too bizarre.

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