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Frozen 2 is Finally Out After 6 Years... How Does it Compare to the Original?

Disclaimer: I will be discussing the movie, but I won’t be giving full details away. The purpose is to give insight if you should watch.

6 years later and the sequel to one of Disney’s most successful movies has been released.

This past Thursday, November 21, Frozen 2 was released and I thought the movie was fantastic.

When the original was released, I enjoyed it but I didn’t fall in love with it the way the rest of the world seemed to. To be quite frank, I became very quickly annoyed when all anyone could sing was Let It Go.

What made me appreciate the movie was the fact that the movie’s plot was darkened for a slightly more mature audience. Children can definitely still watch it, but the entirety of the storyline and the purpose behind their adventure has an almost eerie “what’s about to happen?” feel. It was especially important to me that I couldn’t fully predict everything that was going to happen, because the plot twists were fantastically implemented, causing gasps and tears throughout the theater.

Now, moving the sadness out of the way, Disney for sure stepped up their comedy skills. Olaf, the goofy little snowman, really had the theater cracking up. The second time I watched, an entire tidal wave of children’s laughter could be heard.

Lastly, the music was once again phenomenal. The songs were funny, sad, powerful, and outright beautiful. The background instrumentals during adventurous scenes complimented the movie and at some points were even more intense than the first movie .

Overall, the movie is a must see, and I might even go as far to say it might be better than the first one.

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