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Blue Lips

"My vision slowly faded to darkness as the pain was finally fading. I closed my eyes and my breathing slowly stopped. My final thought was pure happiness that I didn't have to deal with the pain anymore.

A few more moments passed and I opened my eyes, confused. I was sure I had died. I wasn't in any more pain. I felt feeling in my hands and feet, which confused me; I was sure they had been cut off before I died. I put my hand to my chest, as it was back for a reason I wasn't sure of yet.

No heartbeat, no breath. I sat up and actually looked at my hands. I almost passed out again with the sight of ugly, black marks along my lower arms. Then I bit back a scream as I looked at my wrists. They had been sewn on. I reached for my skirt hitching it up slightly, to see my ankles, to see if they were the same.

They were.

I stood up, noticing my hands passing through the ground slightly. Then, the thought of where I was occurred to me. I turned my head and noticed what looked like a bruise on my shoulder but I couldn't see all that well from my view. My long cream-colored dress was stained with dirt and blood, although I was not sure if it was my own or someone else's. I was afraid to see what the rest of my body looked like that I couldn't see.

I shakily took a step, almost falling. My feet were bare and the cold ground of where I was sent a chill up my spine. I tried to touch the walls but got no feeling of anything. Honestly, I wasn't even sure if there were walls; I couldn't see a thing. I kept walking. Well it seemed like it.

A dim glow appeared in the distance. I ran toward it and what it revealed almost caused me to collapse in fear and confusion. It was me, or at least it looked like me. My hands and feet had been sewn on, which explained why I had them. I fell to the ground as I realized exactly what took place. I sobbed, shaking at the foot of my corpse. I didn't know what to do; why was I still here? I kept asking questions to myself and crying.

I heard footsteps approach, so I ran to a dark, unlit corner. I went through the wall into another area. I found my journal there, the one I kept when I was alive. I wondered for a second why it was there but didn't care. I grabbed it and began to write. 'My vision had faded slowly…' and ended it with 'Elizabeth (Eli) Thompson'. I wrote for a while, although I'm not sure for how long. I heard someone coming and I floated off, still not sure what to do but knowing I couldn't stay.

I didn't realize until I was too far that I had left my journal. I didn't see it for a couple of centuries, and only just found it recently." Eli looked up, with a small smirk on her blue lips.

Lili Pautz is a sophomore in high school and has had an interest in writing for a while. She mainly writes supernatural type stories. She hopes that people enjoy her stories when they read them.

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