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Take Your Slang From Basic To Lit

Communication is evolving everyday and thanks to the Internet, words are being changed left and right.

Slang words are hardly ever used by their proper meaning, they have become a fun way for people to relate to each and share hilarious memories. With the internet constantly producing new words almost every month, this can make it difficult to stay on trend and to understand what people are trying to communicate online. But no need to worry because there are many people who are also confused and unsure of their meanings.

Here are the most popular phrases that are all the rage:

1. To ghost means to intentionally not respond to someone until they stop contacting you for any reason. Ghosting is seen as rude and offensive because the other person is waiting on a response.

2. "No cap" basically means the person isn’t lying and is telling the complete truth. For example, “The food was the best, no cap.” The term can be used an a serious or playful way.

3. The term "local" is not a compliment, in fact they are considered irritating to everyone around them. Local is another word for basic because it describes a person who only enjoys mainstream things. They tend to undermine things that are underrated because of their lack of popularity on social media.

4. "Clapbacks" are witty comebacks mainly posted onto social media. Chrissy Teigen is infamous for her clapbacks on Twitter. For instance, an ignorant comment was left on her twitter that read “I didn't know you could get private jet lagged?" Her response was then “a plane is a plane; what do you think it is, a time machine?”

5. Although "periodt" may sound self explanatory, it is far from it’s dictionary definition. Periodt is used to prove a point or is said at the end of a completely factual statement.

Hopefully you learn a thing or two and are now able to use the latest slang correctly in your future posts.

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