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A Guide To Having a Hot Girl Summer

What may have started as a meme and an honest joke soon developed into a full blown empowering movement on social media.

“Hot girl summer” is a popular catchphrase that became largely used this summer to describe almost everything and anything people did. The phrase was created by the famous rapper Megan thee Stallion in her hit song “Hot Girl Summer”.

One thing led to another and the meme soon became a lifestyle that everyone wanted to have. Although this phrase is widely used, there are some guidelines to take into account before classifying your summer.

A hot girl summer is all about living your best life without any regard for the opinions of others.

Even if being the center of attention doesn’t sound appealing, it’s about acting confidently until the highest level of self confidence has been reached.

It’s mainly used to express a fun filled summer and to represent an unapologetic version of yourself. There are plenty of ways to have a hot girl summer because it’s completely up to each person’s preferences.

One way to embellish that full hot girl summer mindset is hanging out with friends in a mainstream environment and making sure to capture every moment.

Making photos a priority is the most essential part because everyone needs to be aware that you are indeed having a hot girl summer. The post should also have a caption that is blatantly and literally says “Hot Girl Summer” followed by some fire and heart emojis.

Remember your hot girl summer can be limitless. If going out doesn’t sound appealing, staying in and watching movies while enjoying snacks can also be as equally as eventful. It isn’t necessarily about the place or activity more so than the level of confidence being displayed.

Hot girl summer is for everyone and anyone looking to flaunt their confidence and not feeling an ounce of guilt about.

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