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Renaissance Pleasure Faire Sends Guests Back in Time

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is one giant outdoor era convention filled with magic and allure. The Faire transports you into the time of the Renaissance, from the delicious food, the thrilling shows, the magical shops, and even the in character workers. At the Faire you can see many different types of shows and demonstrations.

My favorite is the glass making demonstration, where they show the entire process of making glass objects, and at the end, they auction them off.

But the most important show of all is the Joust, a battle between various knights in hopes of winning the queen’s favor. There are also a variety of booths and bazaars that feature anything from jewelry and clothes to swords and chain mail.

Located in Irwindale, the Faire is right around the corner from Glendora and I would highly encourage anyone to go. Though dressing up is highly encouraged, it is not necessary, but one becomes a target when dressed in “normal” clothes.

By target, I mean, the workers will heckle and make a spectacle of you for your appearance. They do that to everyone, so it’s not a big deal. I have been going to the Faire for 15 years now, and the magic still isn’t lost. Each time I go, there is something or someone new that keeps the pleasantries of the Faire alive.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is an otherworldly experience, and is something, I think, that everyone should go and experience for themselves.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is from Apr. 6 to May 19, on Saturdays and Sundays at the The Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale, California.

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