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Clubs That We Are Lucky to Have on Campus

In the spirit of March and the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we are recognizing two clubs that we are lucky to have on campus. Best Buddies and the Environmental club bring a positivity to our student body and brighten our school atmosphere.

Best Buddies is a club that focuses on forming relationships between Buddies and Peer Buddies. The club meets every Wednesday at lunch, and a typical meeting will lead to outdoor games, when the weather permits it, such as soccer and frisbee.

Vice President of Best Buddies, Rebecca Jackson, tells that meetings are “a nice break from being inside all day, and [she] gets to hang out with a ton of awesome kids!”

Occasionally, Best Buddies offers opportunities outside of school to hang out with their Buddies in activities like bowling, going to the movies, walking in the Homecoming Parade, and their biggest event, the Best Buddies Prom.

Jackson mentioned that in her three years being involved in the club, last year’s Best Buddies Prom holds a special place in her heart. She recalled the event, remembering the delectable food, but mostly the brownies that were “sooo yummy!”

Though the food was delicious, Jackson’s most memorable part of the prom was “dancing to the good music with buddies from [her] school and meeting many new people” for an overall enjoyable night. All in all, Best Buddies is an exceptional club to take part in and serves as a great way to meet new people.

The Environmental club, led by Cameron Stockford, is a new club here on campus that prioritizes the cleanliness of our school and caring for our earth. The club places blue recycling bins in teachers’

classrooms to collect any plastic bottles or materials that can be recycled. In this process, Stockford states that “the club generates money this way, and at the end of the year, [they] donate it to a non-profit organization.”

The main goal of this club is to spread awareness of how important the environment is, and how it should be treated in return. “We want to help keep the campus clean and free of cans, plastic, and other trash on the floor and instead, in normal garbage cans,” Stockford mentions.

Students are encouraged to get involved at any time, because the Environmental club is always looking for volunteers to collect their recycling bins every two weeks. They welcome anyone willing to empty and return each of the bins to the classrooms.

Not only are the club members able to give back to their community, but by dispersing and collecting these recycling bins, they are also able to earn service hours this way.

Furthermore, Stockford acknowledges that once a month they “try and get out to the beach or somewhere local and help clean up the environment in that area.” We are very lucky to have a club on campus that cares about the cleanliness of our school and support our local environment.

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