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New Places in Glendora

The new year did not only bring resolutions and new beginnings, it also brought new food places to go to in Glendora. Azucar, 85° Bakery Cafe, and Creamistry are just a few newly opened food shops that are perfect for anyone's sweet tooth. Azucar, recently opened in Glendora and located off of Foothill Boulevard, offers a unique, Cuban flair on common desserts. One scoop of ice cream is sold starting at $4.50. The name Azucar, meaning “sugar” in Spanish, lives up to every treat the store sells. Azucar offers more than 20 flavors of ice cream, not limited to guava, Mexican hot chocolate, and green tea batter. From dipped apples, to ice cream cake, to unusually flavored ice cream, Azucar has a sweet treat for almost anyone. Do not be alarmed by the above-average price for a scoop of ice cream, the taste and enjoyment is well worth the money spent. Popular for their straightforward three step process in ordering the perfect scoop of ice cream for only $5, Creamistry has a newly settled store off of Grand Avenue in Glendora. Creamistry’s “build-your-own” shakes, are near in popularity to the three-step ice cream scoops. The first step is to choose a size and base for the ice cream, deciding from a limited selection. Next, choose from an extensive list of flavors; anything from cereal, tea, fruity, the classics, or cookies and cakes. Finish off the ultimate scoop, by selecting any toppings or upgrades. Creamistry definitely lived up to the hype that surrounded their opening for weeks. The much anticipated 85° Bakery Cafe has also finally arrived on East Alosta Avenue. Famous for an infinite amount of options, 85° Bakery Cafe offers a Taiwanese take on sweet desserts such as bread, cake, and teas.

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