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10 Ways to Flirt

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so grab your sweetie pie and protect yourself before you become haunted by the lovey-dovey couples that roam the hallways. Here are ten tips that will be a sure way to attract your crush! 1. Do not be afraid to initiate a conversation. Keep the discussion light and funny, possible conversation topics can be: school, work, and the constant inevitability of death. 2. Playfully touch their arm or shoulder, making sure to firmly grasp. Dig your nails into their skin and make sure to draw blood. 3. Compliment them for things they don’t always get recognized for, such as their nostrils or the questionable mole they have on their arm. 4. Smile when you’re with them, making sure to bare all your teeth. Note that stuffing spinach in between your teeth will add that organic flair! 5. Watch them to learn what they like and dislike. A good way to do this would be to stand outside their window while they are unaware, preferably around midnight. 6. Use your body language to communicate that you are interested: twirl your hair, lean towards them, and kick them in the groin. They love that stuff. 7. Make eye contact, but never blink. That burning-eye look is super attractive. 8. Keep them on their their toes, literally. Make them tippie toe and be sure those heels never touch the ground. 9. Be quirky and funny around them. Make sure to laugh at your own jokes excessively, this exudes confidence. 10. Wink at them with both eyes. It’s an obvious hint as it oozes flirtation.

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