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Cathy Dresses Like Mrs. Fallon

Graduating high school in the 90s, Ashley Fallon describes her style as being very relaxed and baggy. She admits that she was always very casual, often going to school with her hair wet. Looking back on her days in high school, she recalls that it was very popular to wear loose clothing. She ultimately went through her high school years being “somewhat trendy” and dressed like everyone else.

Fallon is humored to see how many trends that ruled the 90s seem to be making a comeback, from Birkenstocks to Doc Martens.

Nevertheless, she admits that she was relieved when giant t-shirts went out of style. But since the infamous baggy t-shirts seem to be making a grand comeback today, she confesses that she is not happy to see that back. Going through her pictures made her question why giant t-shirts were ever a good decision.

To her disapproval, she predicts the return of pegged pants. She admits to hating the trend and hopes that skinner pants will stay in style as she feels that they essentially fit better and are more flattering.

Regarding modern fashion, Fallon is happy with the trends. She thinks they’re comfortable and cute. They seem to be more flattering than the trends of her time

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