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Wreck this Journal

A Wreck This Journal is a fun and creative outlet to express your emotions and release your artistic abilities!

The journal retails for around ten to fifteen dollars with 224 pages. During my experience with the journal, I had a lot of fun doing all the unique tasks on each page.

A really cool aspect that the Wreck This Journal has, is that there are no restrictions when it comes to doing each page. Interestingly enough, users are allowed to go in any order that they would like and number the pages to whatever they please. Each prompt is also up for the interpretation of the individual There is a small introduction in the beginning of the journal which provides a set of “rules” that makes completing the pages even more rewarding.

While completing the fun prompts within the span of a few days, I found that the book is a satisfying way to relax after a long day crammed with school, sports, and homework. It could definitely be used as a way to cope and express deep emotions in a healthy way. Many reviews of the journal explain that it has helped them manage their anxiety and overthinking immensely!

One page that I did in specific that I really enjoyed was drawing a bunch of different sized circles, resulting in filling up the entire page. This was really fun to distress, especially since it was sloppy and not perfect at all! It was fun to let loose and color outside of the lines for once.

The Wreck This Journal is creative in so many different ways. There are pages where it has creators fill the entire page with doodles, colors, paint, and so much more. I think that the Wreck This Journal is a great way to help people in a number of different ways, whether it is to destress, get inspired, or to simply have fun. Personally I had so much fun doing all the activities over a few days and think that it is 100% worth getting the Wreck This Journal!

The book heavily emphasizes that not everything has to be perfect; there is a big piece of creative freedom that the journal encourages among each artist.


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