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Do Film Adaptations do the Book Justice?

Adaptations of books into movies and shows have been a point of contention for a long time. We have all seen a remake that we had high expectations for or a comic book flop. But are the adaptations bad because of their media transition? Or because of changes made by directors?

Adaptations are inherently good. They want to bring the imagination of a writer onto the big screen. Unfortunately, the directors could have different ideas than what the author intended. In 2010, the live-action adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians received not-so-stellar reviews. Due to many changes and creative choices, fans have mostly forgotten that a pair of movies exists, although the first movie was better than they were made out to be.

They also have great potential. Recently, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief garnered a show adaptation, written and directed by Rick Riordan, the original author of the series. After 14 years with the sour taste, the show was positively received. Yes, there were some slight changes, but mainly, they were just slight fixes for the better. In the book, the Golden Gate Archway had a river underneath where Percy fell, yet it was fixed in the show.

Adaptations can be a good thing! They give a chance to bring dreams to the big screen and show the creations that authors thought of to life, showing the world what they created and thought of.


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