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What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Chocolate- Chocolate people are very dependable, very golden retriever people. People who order chocolate ice cream are most likely the type to only rewatch tv shows because they already know what happens. New Girl is not the only show to exist.

Rocky Road- My favorite type of people. If rocky road is your favorite ice cream, you are the definition of an ambivert. These are the types of people who just seem to fit perfectly into any group of people and are loved by all.

Cookie Dough- To me, these people are the true neutral of the alignment chart. Cookie dough is an objectively great flavor. If this is your favorite you are the embodiment of a truly calm and chill person.

Strawberry- There are two starkly different groups of strawberry lovers however. Either you love the bits of fruit (like a crazy person), or they are the absolute bane of your existence and it pains you to have your day ruined by an ice cold block of fruit at every bite.

Cookies and Cream- Cookies and cream people are very set in their ways. They like what they like and usually aren’t subject to change. You found this as a child and haven’t changed since. I applaud you for your dedication.

Mint Chocolate Chip- These are the kinds of people who were told they would be lawyers when they grew up. I’ve never seen a group of people ride or die for something as much as mint chip people do for this ice cream. It is not that deep I promise.

Vanilla- People who claim vanilla ice cream as their favorite have the personality of it. To me this shouldn’t be eaten on its own, this is a topping. No over the age of 7 and under the age of 65 should be ordering this.

Cotton Candy- This is a child’s ice cream, no grown person should be ordering this. Anyone who gets this flavor will most definitely order it with gummy bears and rainbow sprinkles. Not saying these are bad toppings, they are just a child’s order.

Buttered Pecan- I have never met one singular person who has ever said this is their favorite. This is the flavor you begrudgingly get when you decide to get ice cream on National Ice Cream day at the shop giving out free scoops of ice cream and all of the good flavors are gone.

Rainbow Sherbert- You like to be different, very “I don’t fit in with others” energy. This is another one of the flavors nobody likes so it just sits in the corner of the freezer looking lonely and untouched. It’s also not even good, just order an actual ice cream.


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