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Welcome the New Year With Home Workout Tips & Tricks

For both experienced athletes and someone who’s just starting to exercise, learning how to do workouts at home is an important skill to have in this day and age.

Of course, it is possible to still run outside, social-distanced, but it is often easier to be able to work out indoors in the comfort of home.

There are many different apps and programs available on the internet that can be purchased or downloaded to do home workouts. However, YouTube workouts stand out with their variety and ease of access.

For example, a popular YouTube workout channel is Fitness Blender. They provide no-equipment HIIT exercise workouts and awesome kettlebell workouts.

In fact, these videos are easy to follow along since they include a timer on the screen as well as audio clues for people to know when to stop and begin an exercise. Before beginning the workout, some youtubers also include a warm up and dynamic stretch, which is an essential part of any workout to prevent injuries and maximize results.

Not only are these videos easy to follow, some fitness youtubers also make their exercise videos part of a workout routine or challenge.

The rise of the popularity of Chloe Ting, a fitness channel famous for her “Abs in Two Weeks” challenge marks how a sequence of workout materials can be popular for many of her female audiences.

Many of them seek to use the quarantine as a chance to become more fit. Also, the common new year resolution of “exercise more” may be a driving factor in the growth of online fitness.

Another fun way to exercise at home is to look for dance HIIT workouts to do alone or with family members. There are many YouTube videos and software available that provide users with a way to stay active and have fun at the same time.

Although it may seem tempting to start a difficult workout plan right away, a hard workout may become too hard to the point that it inhibits progress and continuity. Therefore, it is best for anyone who is a beginner to start with simpler workouts before advancing into harder ones.

Even with limited equipment at home, there are many workouts that can be done with just a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells, bands or weights. Also, users can be creative with their workout strategies. There are usually a lot of different alternatives for at home workouts, like using a heavy water bottle, modifying the workout, or simply using a no-equipment if kettlebells and weights are not accessible.

There are many different ways of staying active at home, which makes quarantine a perfect time to get fit and begin a healthy routine.


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