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"Uncharted" Movie Review

Disclaimer: There are no major spoilers in this movie review of Uncharted (all that is revealed in this review was also revealed through trailers).

Originally based on a video game, Uncharted is an action-packed adventure starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg featuring some physically impossible stunts and dramatic, but not altogether surprising, plot twists.

Nathan Drake or Nate, played by Tom Holland, is a novice treasure hunter who seeks to track down his treasure obsessed older brother, Sam. Nate is recruited by an experienced treasure hunter and acquaintance of Sam, Victor Sullivan more colloquially known as Sully who is played by Mark Wahlberg.

Together the two race the clock to beat fellow interested parties in recovering one of the biggest treasures lost in time, a 16th century ship laden with at least 5 billion dollars worth of gold.

Is the movie unrealistic? Definitely. But what action adventure movie doesn’t have some physically impossible feats like swinging from precarious lighting fixtures, fighting on flying century old ships, or my personal favorite, jumping back into an airplane going roughly 400-500 mph after having fallen out of it.

Disclaimer: This scene was in the trailer.

Throughout the movie there was definitely room for more character development as many of the relationships had history that would have fared better on screen if there was some added context. However, given that the movie was set up for a sequel it’s possible that these relationships might be further developed in a following movie.

Overall, this movie makes for a fun and entertaining experience and, if there’s a sequel as I suspect there will be, I would definitely consider watching this one as despite its sometimes lacking narrative, it still remains an enjoyable action packed caper.

To watch, Uncharted is currently in movie theaters and is expected to be released on Netfix between July and September of 2022.


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