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Turning the Minimum Wage into a Livable Wage

The minimum wage is something that has been talked about for a long time now, people trying to find a way to survive off of that amount of money, and also trying to figure out how to be able to have a living wage job.

Today the minimum wage in California is $14 dollars an hour. Even with $15 an hour people are still not able to make a living off of it. Based on Datausa, the average living wage in California more specially La county is $68,093. With a minimum wage job people make about $31,200 yearly which is not enough to survive in California.

For example, a family living off of minimum wage could not survive off of that pay. Although those families have adapted to that pay grade, many still struggle to find cheap housing and resort to temporarily living with friends and family.

Sadly this is an example for the reality of many families that have minimum wage jobs, where they have to live with multiple families just to get by. Due to the fact that they are not able to pay rent or other housing expenses to survive.

It is getting harder to achieve a stable life with the minimum wage in California. This is due to the fact that bigger companies are laying off more people because there are cheaper sources of labor in other countries outside of the United States. Which in return gains the company more money, but is also taking away people’s jobs, and in a way eliminating that middle class. Which then causes people to have minimum wage jobs, because those are the only jobs really available to them.

Raising the minimum wage is not helping the economy. The reason why it doesn't help is because companies raise their prices making things more expensive rent goes up. With every dollar added to minimum wage, everything goes up such as taxes, your everyday essentials, housing, and more.

In an article by Indeed it states raising the minimum wage equals a, “Higher cost of product: An increase to the minimum wage increases your overhead costs of operating a business, which may result in a higher price point getting passed along to consumers. Over time, this translates to a higher cost of living and more minimum wage increases.”

Overall, the larger companies need to bring back factories to America, to provide better paying jobs to the people. So that people are able to live a decent life and not have to struggle to make ends meet.


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