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Top 5 Worst Christmas Movies

Christmas time is almost here and ‘tis the season to watch festive holiday movies with the family. There are a ton of good movies out there, but there are plenty of ones that should not make the cut. These are the top 5 worst Christmas movies.

Home Alone 3:

The first home alone and maybe even the second were great movies. However as the third one was made, the series felt more dragged out and without the original cast it felt like a knock off. The same funny original feel from the first two moves was just not there with the 3rd. .

Christmas with the Kranks:

I feel like I was forced to watch this movie. It felt boring and just could not keep my attention. The characters were not relatable at all and overall just had poor humor. The acting was also not even that good throughout the movie. The casting was great, but it just was not executed right and made this one of the worst holiday movies.


The Nutcracker in 3D:

So not to get confused with the other nutcracker which was a great watch, this movie overall was not. The movie had an insensitive use of history in hopes of making it comedic. This movie seemed overall offensive and just does not seem to be the type of content that belongs in a children's christmas movie. Also the 3D in the name does not make any sense because there was no 3D in the movie. .

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians:

Now this movie sounds interesting, but it just did not feel very Christmas. The plot of the movie revolved around Santa being kidnapped by Martians and sent to Mars to bring Christmas there. While it sounds wholesome, overall it just felt very weird to watch. .

Jingle all the way:

This movie was just all over the place. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the main character in this movie and to see his attempt at comedy was funny in itself. It felt as if this movie was trying to be a Christmas movie but just

could not quite get there.

Maybe it was so bad that it was

actually good.


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