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The Man who Blinked in the End - An Apocalypse Short Story by Colin Murphy

The man had left the last of them 2 weeks ago. The second star in the sky disappears, consumed by the man who had chased him down to this final corner of the galaxy. He looked up into the night sky, once filled with life and sparks of hope, now devoid of anything except a pale-yellow eye staring at him. He no longer considered the thing the sun, him having seen what had happened to those who believed in its protection. He looked back, a wall of shadow slowly approaching him. He knew his time was short. He kept walking, maintaining a pace that did not befit the last man alive. His feet plodded along a once beautiful boulevard, now overrun with cracks and pits which seemed to fall into a place which cared not for the wishes of man.

His memories of times past weighed heavily as he marched down, further and further away from the ever-approaching wall. He looked up, the yellow spot in the eye beginning to cry tears of black as its light became to grow ever dimmer.

The man continued on his course, his end goal in sight as a smile began to grow on his face. His pace quickened to the beating of his heart, a long stretch of dark blue stretching out to infinity in front of him. His feet touched the sand, coarse as he approached ever closer to his goal.

“And thus was the end of man”

The man stopped, studying the sea as he heard the voice. He looked around, realizing that all that remained was a thin stretch of land and a pocket of ocean water.

“Was it worth it?”

The man sighed, looking out towards the sea, towards salvation.

“Was it worth it to toil away at work? To watch yourself grow older and frailer? To see the best parts of your life wither away in front of you?”

The man took a step.

“What of your family? Your loved ones? The people who you never got to say goodbye to?”

The man began to walk.

“If only you took the chance, maybe your life would have been different”

The man ran.

“Maybe you were the last thought in someone’s head”

The man stopped, gazing at the water.

“Maybe I was”

He fell forward, his strength failing, tears in his eyes.

The water and darkness reached up to meet him.

The cries and wishes of millions in his ears.

His body fading.

“...Someone else was mine”

The man blinked.

And remembered no more.


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