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The Effects of Tik Tok Trends

Tik Tok trends are affecting schools worldwide, and not in a good way. From past trends to future trends this year, things are looking grim for the school staff.

September was the start of these insidious trends, starting with the Devious Licks trend, the trend to vandalize school bathrooms. This trend stretches anywhere from making soap dispensers disappear to stealing bathroom stalls to smashing floor tiles. According to CNN, this has been taking place in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Though this trend could happen anywhere on campus, it commonly happens in the bathrooms. Tik Tok is removing many of the videos to attempt to keep this under control. CNN wrote: “Promoting a safe and positive experience is Tik Tok’s top priority.” Those who attempt this challenge could be charged with theft and damage of property and can be arrested. But then again, this trend was only the beginning.

Seeing as the Devious Lick trend was a success, Tik Tokers wanted to start a smashing success in the following month. October was said to be the start of the “Smack a Staff Member” trend. According to The Sun Media Outlet, this trend extended to elementary schools when a student struck their teacher on the back of their head. Due to this being a dangerous trend, any students who attempt this will be held responsible by board policy. This trend counts as assault and is treated as criminal behavior. Similarly, to the Devious Licks challenge, this did not stop students from taking part. Staff members and parents can only hope that these trends come to an end.

Those trends are rumored to be far from the end. According to, November’s trend is supposed to be “Kiss Your Friend’s Girlfriend at School”. That will ruin many friendships and cause drama. This is said to be followed by “Deck the Halls and Show Your Balls” in December. That may not be the end of the staffs’ torture. January is said to bring “Jab a Breast” followed by “Mess up School Signs” in February. March is said to bring “Make a Mess in the Courtyard or Cafeteria” followed by “Grab Some Eggz” which is another trend that involves theft and takes place in April. May is thought to bring “Ditch Day” followed by June bringing “Flip off the Front Office”. Finally, this long school year is said to end off with “Spray a neighbor’s fence” in July. Due to all these future predicted trends, cops may be busy trying to stop students from flashing others, assaulting others, destroying school property, and stealing school property. It shouldn’t have to be said, but all these trends are illegal and are not condoned.

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