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School times change due to SB-328


Recently, a new bill regarding school start times has been signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. This bill was created to address adolescent sleep deprivation, stating that high schools cannot start the school day any earlier than 8:30 am and going into effect on the first of July this year. This later start time may also result in school running later in the afternoon.

This part of the bill doesn’t seem to affect normal students too much at Glendora High School due to its 8:37 start time, but it’s unknown how it may affect students that have a zero-period class. Those with such classes usually take them for credits in certain subjects, but if students are forced to drop their zero periods, they may lose the benefits that they gain from having it, such as being able to take a free period. Given that these classes are optional, students may still be able to take a zero period.

The next part of this bill, however, may affect students in a much larger way. Along with a later start time, students will be required to attend school for a certain number of minutes per day, most likely making the school day longer. This could throw off athletes at GHS, either making their practices run later, or maybe even making their practices not happen at all. Free periods may also be lost depending on the number of minutes required out of students, which could throw off student schedules, especially those who have to work.

This bill doesn’t seem to affect GHS too much, but other schools aren’t so lucky. Schools in other districts start earlier, around 7 to 7:30 am, so a later start time may throw off student and parent schedules dramatically. As schools plan to implement this new requirement, students will just have to wait and see how this may affect California schools and hope for the best in the future.


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