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Prepare For College Through Help Offered by Tartan University

With everything education-related being up in the air, Tartan University has pivoted to become more accessible for students and parents in the college preparation process.

Tartan University, in collaboration with Collegewise, hosted a series of evening webinars. The organization dedicated to helping students achieve their best in high school and educating them to become college ready.

At each session, Tartan University focuses on a different area of the college application process. For example, the recent “How to Research for College” session talked about the different strategies that students can use to research and build a college list.

The speaker encouraged the audience to start looking on different universities' websites and using a spreadsheet or other apps to record the different characteristics of these universities. Students will be able to find the size of the school, the different programs offered, the tuition and cost of attendance, and more detailed information like the student to faculty ratio on the website.

Knowing these basic information, students can use their time on tours or live panels to explore the non-quantitative aspects of the school, such as its overall atmosphere.

During the pandemic, many universities may not have a tour where students can see a vibrant campus with teeming students in action, however, high school students can take advantage of online tours and look at the universities’ social media to get a sense of what the school is like.

The Tartan University sessions are live webinars with speakers who are often able to answer questions about the slide or topic that they are on. On the other hand, Collegewise recently proposed a course for students that can be found at

This is something that all Tartans should take advantage of regardless of their grade level due to the diversity and accessibility of these videos. As colleges move away from standardized test scores and the missing GPAs that resulted due to the pandemic, more emphasis is placed on the holistic characteristics of a high school applicant.

Future live sessions can be found on the Glendora High School website and everyone, from parents to students, are encouraged to listen in to hear the latest admission policy and become college-ready and college-wise.


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