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Online Concerts: Are They Worth It?

Online concerts have become the new norm in our quarantined society.

As the pandemic hit the world by storm, the entertainment industry was hit especially hard. All concerts, movie openings, and other art shows were cancelled for public safety. And with no clear end in sight, many artists had to adapt to this new normal.

Many artists took to the internet in an attempt to find a reasonable way to continue to spread their music and satisfy disgruntled fans. Thus, online concerts were born.

So this begs the question, are online concerts actually worth it? Are online concerts worth the money, and is the experience even close to that of an actual concert?

Short answer: yes. Long answer, yes, however there are many factors that need to be considered.

Throughout this quarantine I have “attended” two online concerts, Glass Animals and Greer. And though I enjoyed them both, there are some things that need to be factored.

First of all, the price. Both of the concerts I went to cost ten dollars, and I think that that was a fair and reasonable price. However, anything over 40 dollars I do not believe is worth it, unless it is really “worth it” to the fan.

Secondly, I would also factor in the type/ genre of music of the band. Most bands feed off the audience’s excitement and vibe. Especially for soft indie bands, without the audience, it’s not as enjoyable to silently vibe in your room. Basically, the atmosphere is lost, and some bands need that atmosphere to perform better.

Lastly, I would recommend watching the concert live with either friends or family, COVID friendly of course. The vibe of a real in person concert is lost in online concerts; however, with friends some of that vibe is regained.

Overall, I would recommend going to online concerts. I enjoyed both of the concerts that I attended and will definitely be attending more in the future, and supporting my favorite artists.

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