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Movie Rewatch Review: The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a story that follows the path of a visionary that rises from almost nothing to become a dazzling spectacle. Through a group of misfits and a Swedish nightingale, Phineas Barnum learns the value of true happiness.

1. Most Rewatchable Scene:

The most rewatchable scene was definitely the part where Anne Wheeler and Phillip Carlyle sang “Rewrite the Stars.” It encapsulates the battle between Anne’s logical reasoning and the desires of her heart.

Anne keeps trapezing just out of Phillip’s hands, which can be seen as a metaphor for how he is unable to hold onto her because of their social differences. Combined with the phenomenal cinematography and heart-wrenching lyrics, this scene never fails to astonish me.

2. The Scene that Aged the Best:

The scene that aged the best was where young Phineas and Charity sang “A Million Dreams.” During this scene, we can witness the pure, innocent joy of young love as well as the secrecy and whimsical mystery of exploring an abandoned mansion overflowing with remnants of the past. Using this song to show a progression of time was really clever, and it brought a sense of nostalgia. It was just as fun to watch the tenth time as it was the first.

3. The Scene that Aged the Worst:

On the other hand, the scene that aged the worst were the riots and eventual fights that erupted between the members of the circus and the town gang. This scene seemed to be a prophecy that predicted the social upheaval that recently occurred between marginalized groups and other communities. It is a true reflection of how hate and prejudice can divide a society.

4. Best Quote:

My favorite quote from the movie is: “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” I feel like this quote can inspire people around the world, especially those dubbed as outsiders or outcasts, to be confident in themselves.

I’ve watched The Greatest Showman more than fifteen times, yet each time I rewatch it something new manages to stand out. From the casting to the costumes to the sets, everything was perfect. If you are looking for a unique film that tackles social issues, has an extraordinary soundtrack, and offers both touching and agonizing moments, The Greatest Showman is the perfect film to watch.


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