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Local Volunteer Opportunities for the Holidays

This holiday season, when shopping for seasonal gifts make sure to set aside time to give back to the community.

Glendora is a small town full of churches and other organizations; with that, there are many opportunities to volunteer during holiday vacation.

Junior Jacklynn Ogden has been helping her grandmother create and distribute Thanksgiving baskets to retired teachers who are now living in poverty. This was Ogden's eighth year, helping her grandmother fill baskets full of cans and non perishables along with fresh chicken on the day the baskets are delivered.

Ogden's grandmother started this holiday event as a part of the organization DKG (Delta Kappa Gamma); which is an International society for key women educators. This year Ogden and her grandmother delivered the baskets on November 26 to families in poverty all over El Monte. For the individuals who wish to donate to Ogden's Thanksgiving baskets next year, she can be contacted at

Other ways to give to people in need this holiday season is donating clothes and food to homeless shelters and other homes for low income families. Shepherd's Pantry in Glendora offers small volunteer opportunities for families and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts a few times throughout the year; however, during the year people can donate clothing, money, and food throughout the week.

Saint Dorothy‘s Catholic Church in Glendora, has many open volunteer spots for their annual homeless shelter. You do not need to be a part of the church to volunteer, and the shelter starts the third week of December and ends on December 30. To apply for volunteer opportunities, call (626) 914-3941 or look for more information on their webpage at

There are many churches throughout the area that also offer volunteer opportunities, and people throughout the community may participate no matter if they attend the church. United Methodist Church of Glendora, Grace Church of Glendora, and Christ Church of the Valley in San Dimas are a couple possible locations.

Want to do something online? There are also many online sites to donate to during the holidays such as Los Angeles County Toy Loan and Toys for Tots, that give toys to children in poverty. Toys for Tots also has many different drop-off locations in the LA area with the closest being in Pasadena, California.

Many families will be spending this holiday season without gifts, meals, and homes. People who can give back have a privilege that many others do not. This holiday season, show how grateful you are for the things you have by giving back to those who are less fortunate than yourself.


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