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Jordan Poole Took Ice Spice on a 500K Date

Checks for a date with a loved one can often get very pricey, however, Jordan Poole might regret shooting his shot with Ice Spice after a single date ran him a price tag of about $500,000.

Many fans of the Golden State Warriors and simply the NBA alike have noticed Poole’s tendency to show off in the presence of pretty women. It has become such a phenomenon that he has even had hundreds of video edits made about these incidents on almost every social media platform there is.

The crucial role Poole plays for his team led him to acquire an impressive $140 million dollar deal, placing him in the top echelon of NBA superstars. Poole saw the date as an opportunity to not only put himself out there, but also live up to his reputation regarding the ladies. He took the rapidly growing rapper Ice Spice out on a shopping spree with essentially no budget.

Purchases that Poole made to try to impress Ice Spice included endless designer clothes from brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and even a new Maybach truck as the cherry on top. These purchases have set a high bar for any dates to come between the two, as this is only the first date this new celebrity couple has gone on together.

As this budding relationship begins, it will be interesting to see how the high-profile and public nature of this romance plays out. Both of these two may be ballers, but ultimately one of them is going to have to choose to ball out to make this work.


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