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Huebbe Family Comforts Two Golden Retrievers Amidst Quarantine

English teacher Kathleen Huebbe shows how she takes care of her two golden retrievers, one being an epileptic named Annie, and another named Tucker which we see how he deals with Annie’s seizures.

Annie was four years old when she had her first big seizure, leading to her whole family being very scared for her health.

Huebbe admitted “I was scared, we were all terrified, because we didn’t know what it was.”

Annie was put on medication, about six months after her first seizure, as Annie had a few seizures during that time. They feared she had a brain tumor, but fortunately after visiting the vet Annie had no tumors. The vet put her on two different types of medications, where she takes two pills in the morning and at night.

Whenever Annie does have seizures, the family will try their best to comfort her. The family tries to be by her side and tries to talk to her with reassuring words. Even Tucker, their other dog is very confused when Annie is having the seizure, but is there to comfort Annie after she had an episode.

Although Annie’s journey has it’s rough patches, she has a very loving family as support. Huebbe’s dedication to taking care of Annie is truly an accomplishment. With how she’s always there to support her, through every seizure.


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