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How to Survive the California Cold

Unlike the song, it always seems to be raining in Southern California right now. To go along with our unprecedented decade, the newest plague is extreme cold.

As a lifelong California resident, I have grown accustomed to warm weather all year and endless sunshine, even in December and January. In previous years, I was the type to layer up when the temperature dropped to 68 degrees outside. However this year, it’s the ice age and I’m frozen over.

Even though I’m not an expert, here are some of my tips to surviving the California cold.

The first thing I would recommend are snow suits. Times are tough out here for the chronically cold, and I feel these give the best protection. They are lined on the inside, and water resistant- perfect for when it rains.

Though, if you do not want to show up to school looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, layering would probably be a better option. Almost every day this semester, I have coupled all of my jeans with a pair of leggings underneath. Sometimes on really cold days, I have opted for two pairs of leggings and once even wore tights, two pairs of leggings and a pair of jeans over top.

Another staple is fuzzy socks. Even though I personally wear fuzzy socks even when it is not cold, they feel extra warm when it’s freezing outside. If you would like to go the extra mile, try layering a regular pair of socks underneath fuzzy ones, or double up on the fuzzy socks.

The last and probably most reasonable suggestion to staying warm during this cold is grandpa sweaters. These you can find at any thrift store for less than 10 dollars and they come in loads of fun patterns, images, or colors. Even though this cold is the type to make your grandpa say “those scientists were all lying about that global warming idea,” he knows how to stay warm during these dreadful days.

So even though the high today is 54 degrees, the cold won’t bother you if you follow these tips. Stay warm Tartans.

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