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GHS Offers New Exclusive Dual Enrollment Course Partnered with Citrus College

Within the diverse programs and activities that Glendora High School offers, dual enrollment is known as the “hidden gem” that finally got its deserved polish.

GHS has always offered students the possibility to take one or two classes with Citrus College. Now, the school is taking this opportunity to the next level by providing a two-year dual enrollment program for a select group of students.

Assistant Principal Jamie Norrell has always been passionate about opportunities that allow students to get ahead in their college education, such as AP courses. She is now excited to expand collaboration with Citrus College to provide students with new ways to challenge themselves through taking advanced courses.

The dual enrollment program is going to be piloted by 30 students selected from the class of 2023. Students in the program will complete a total of 12 courses over their junior and senior year, receiving an IGETC Certificate at the end of the program.

One of the biggest benefits of the program is the economic advantage of getting college credits in high school. Since GHS will be providing most of the classroom resources and textbooks for free, students will be able to get these college credits for free and transfer them into the Cal State or UC universities.

“We’re giving students a chance to get started, [those] who want to get started early,” Norell mentioned.

However, planning the program was not without its difficulties. Since these dual enrollment classes will be on the GHS campus for the students, the administration is thinking about using zero and seventh periods for these classes. Meanwhile, Norrell expressed that she also wants to make sure that students still get the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and sports.

Norrell commented, “One of the unique things about Glendora High School and one of the most wonderful things is how involved our students are in and out of the classroom.”

Currently, the dual enrollment students will not be able to satisfy graduation requirements with the dual enrollment courses, but it would count towards the minimum number of classes they must take per semester. After the first cohort of students pilots the program, later classes of Tartans will also be able to participate in the program depending on its success.

For more information or application of the dual enrollment program, visit


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