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CIF Sports Update

The California Interscholastic Foundation (CIF) has delayed the start of the high school sports season until January.

In the past, when there was a sense of normalcy, Glendora High School would have wrapped up fall sports and begun the transition into the winter sports season. This year all sports have been delayed for the safety of all staff and participants.

In July, the CIF Southern Section (CIF SS) announced that football practice would begin December 14, and the first game would be held on January 8, 2021.

Other sports' official first practice day has not been finalized on the official CIF SS calendar, but sports such as girls volleyball and boys water polo have their last league game scheduled for February 20.

California, Virginia, and New Mexico are the only states in the United States to move traditionally fall sports to the winter and spring months. Instead of the traditional three-season model for high school sports, they have opted for a modified two-season plan.

Normally, the school year is broken up into fall, winter, and spring athletic seasons. With the two-season model, the second half of the school year will be broken up into fall and spring seasons.

CIF is now allowing students to play on both club and high school teams this season which is a change compared to previous years. Teams will no longer be forced to forfeit games if players were caught playing for outside organizations during their sport season.

The combined seasons will have an effect on athletes who play multiple sports. Overlap between sports is inevitable. Basketball, among others, will overlap with several sports. Which will force athletes to make tough decisions.

The governor and the CIF organization understand this will be a difficult choice for the multi talented athletes we have at Glendora, but it is up to the students and coaches to make the best decision for them.

Coronavirus cases have started to surge this past November, consequently moving 41 out of California’s 58 counties into the purple tier. The CIF SS office closed on Tuesday, November 17 in accordance with the Governor's decision. Effective immediately, the offices will no longer be holding meetings or press conferences.

Both CIF and Governor Newsom want to set up the upcoming sports seasons for success, and hope to not have to shut any seasons down halfway through. The hope is to bring high school sports back safely, and responsibly.


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