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Carole Baskin: From Dancing With Tigers to Dancing With the Stars

Carole Baskin from the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King roared her way into Dancing With The Stars, performing The Eye of The Tiger with her partner Pasha Pashkov on Sept 14, 2020.

While Baskin’s performance was far from purrfect, she still managed to grab the attention of millions. Yes, millions. Baskin became widely known from Tiger King, a Netflix documentary that was meant to showcase big cat breeding and the bizarreness of the people behind it. However, people made their own conclusions from the documentary and are suspecting Baskin of murdering her missing husband Don Lewis.

With a controversial character on Dancing With The Stars, Baskin created an uproar of opinions and backlash against the show. The show allowed a suspected murderer to be on a largely publicized television show, which in turn is a problem in itself.

Although Baskin is suspected of murder, claims and rumors could be proven false. Innocent until proven guilty. Baskin has a right to be on Dancing With the Stars if there is no direct evidence of her killing Lewis.

With Baskin presenting herself in different ways besides in Tiger King, it might’ve been a good idea to do so. This was a good way for Baskin to highlight the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which bans the public’s handling of cubs.

Baskin is a big advocate for protecting big cats. Which only seemed fitting for her to decide to be on Dancing With The Stars to showcase the act.

The main issue with Baskin being on Dancing With The Stars was not her exotic, out of the ordinary dances. It was Baskin herself that was the real problem.

If Baskin was not suspected of being involved in Lewis’s disappearance, perhaps the public wouldn’t be so critical in trying to shame her for being on the show.

Since the premiere of Dancing With The Stars, Baskin and Pashkov have been eliminated after their performance in week three.


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