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Black Lives Matter Movement Fueled by Origami Project Contributions

Origami cranes are flying high with Tara Goller’s origami business as she donates all of her profits to support Black Lives Matter and other organizations.

Goller, who is half Japanese and was taught origami at the young age of seven, recalls why she wanted to make origami in the first place. “For me, origami is a nice outlet to Japanese culture,” Goller replied.

Goller first thought of the idea to start an origami business when the protests for Black Lives Matter became big. She wanted to make a difference and she did. Even though her business is still growing, Goller has achieved her goal of donating profits for the first time to the Black Lives Matter foundation.

“I want to make an impact; to put some time, effort, and money into a good cause” explains Goller.

Goller hopes to expand her business in origami by putting her work on Etsy. Recently, she moved her origami shop to Depop and is excited for new customers to come and support her and her small business. By expanding her shops, Goller is hoping to expand on what she can do.

Goller recommends taking the art of origami step by step with patience for those who are interested in learning.

“Origami is about practice” Goller commented, explaining how she got to where she is now, “and problem-solving.”

For those who want to start a business, according to Goller you really need to ask yourself what you like to do. “In order to start a business, you need to embrace your passion, reflect your passion into your work,” Goller stated.

Goller is still figuring out the world of business as she takes her journey step by step deeper into her success in achieving more milestones. Goller is proud of what she has accomplished, even if it’s small for now. Her hobby has inspired her to create more for people while giving back to the community at the same time.

You can follow Goller’s Instagram @the_origamiproject where you will find the link to her shop in the description.


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